Ultimate Pool Service

Ultimate Pool Service

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  • Liquid Chlorine shock and stabilized tablets
  • Manual brushing and skimming
  • Manual vacuum touch-up (as needed)
  • Test water (stabilizer )
  • Clean filter as needed
  • Empty pump & skimmer baskets
  • Shock pool, adjust chlorine level, pH, total alkalinity, and add algaecide
  • Stabilizer & phosphate fee may apply $120 once a year
  • Weekly Service, Our technician will be responsible for furnishing the required chemicals & maintaining the correct water chemistry in the pool. A series of water tests will be conducted every week. The results of these tests will be interpreted to determine the corrections needed to maintain and ensure purity and water balance.
  • this service is for an average 30×15′ pool . This price is subject to change based on other specifications.

1 review for Ultimate Pool Service

  1. Manuel Contreras

    Gracias por el Vacuum el dorado muy eficiente se los recomiendo *****

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